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Adventure Caddie

Guide: Measuring for Bolt Length

*Pre-production model shown*

Seamlessly integrate up to 80 miles of extra fuel, 4 days of water or traction boards onto your spare tire. Specifically designed for the Jeep JL you can go farther without the headache of storing fuel/water or traction boards inside your Jeep. No need for a roof rack either! 

The Adventure Caddie attaches to OEM and most aftermarket tire carriers with 2 M10 bolts and our backplate. With our active lock system, the license plate can be twisted out of the way in seconds, to access your accessories. 

The system is fully modular allowing you to remove the carrier in place of the essentials (brake light, camera and license plate) with our optional auxiliary module (sold separate). Please review our disclaimer regarding the added weight on your tailgate BEFORE purchase. 

MODULAR // Fully modular, allowing you to conveniently remove your accessories and run just the brake light, camera and license plate. Requires the optional auxiliary module. 

LIGHTWEIGHT // Designed and engineered from high quality aluminum to reduce overall weight, while being strong enough to carry the accessories you need on the trail. 

BOLT ON INSTALLATION // No cutting required here. If you have an OEM tire carrier, you can keep your stock camera mounting in place (your camera is still relocated, however). Aftermarket tire carriers may vary, contact us with your aftermarket tire carrier make and model.

QUALITY MATERIALS // We use high strength alloy with corrosion resistance and provide stainless steel and black oxide coated hardware as standard. 

WARRANTIED //  This product is backed by our limited LIFETIME warranty. You can count on it.

Components are made from ⅛” 5052 H32 Aluminum, ⅛” Stainless Steel and ABS Plastic. Included hardware is black oxide coated and stainless steel.



The Adventure Caddie is designed for use with the Jeep JL specifically. If you have a new style camera (2020 JL+), the camera housing may not work correctly. We intend to have an updated camera housing for this soon.  



1 - Adventure Caddie

1 - Relocation Bracket

1 - Backplate

1 - Camera Housing

1 - Assorted Hardware Kit

2 - 10.9 M10 Bolts



Pleasure ensure you select the CORRECT LENGTH BOLT by measuring from the mounting surface of your wheel to the edge of your tire sidewall. Follow the guide on the top right of this page if you are unsure how this is done. Northern Adventure Systems ("NAS") is not liable for ANY damage to the purchasers vehicle as a result of using this product. The weight your tailgate can carry is subject to the rating provided by the vehicle manufacturer and/or the manufacturer of your aftermarket tire carrier. 

NAS does not recommend this product if you are unaware of the combined tire and wheel weight on your tailgate, or the combined weight EXCEEDS the specifications of the manufacturer(s). Combined weight is the heaviest static weight you will place onto your tailgate as a result of using this product (i.e. the weight of your tire/wheel and fuel/water, or traction boards). If you are using larger than OEM tires and aftermarket wheels without a reinforced tailgate, adding spare fuel, water or traction boards to the tailgate WILL almost certainly exceed the weight limit and create added stress to the tailgate. You want to ensure there is little no movement of your spare tire and the Adventure Caddie when travelling on rough terrain or going over bumps. 

Fuel estimates included in the product description are based on an EPA rating of 20 MPG for a 2018 Jeep JL 3.6L 8-speed transmission with the use of 2x 2 gallon Rotopax fuel containers. Water estimates are based on 1 gallon daily consumption of a SINGLE person using 2x 2 gallon Rotopax water containers. 

If you purchase this product with a powder coated finish, please review our policies and disclaimers for warranty and protective coating information.